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biracial couple should you date outside your race

Online Dating: Dating Outside Your Race.

Bi-racial couple dating outside your race edatingsolutions.comOnline Dating is more popular that it has ever been and finding meaningful relationships online is more common than ever. The availability of technology has made online dating possible and has made the world smaller in terms of reachability. Because of the greater degree of interaction between people from varying backgrounds, it is no surprise that interracial relationships are on the rise. There was a time that dating outside one’s race was never even a consideration, but now it is a question that pops up more frequently. Continue Reading

Facebook and Online Dating

As I’m sure most people know, Facebook is incredibly popular, and one of the most visited and used websites that exist today. In fact, over one billion people are active on the website currently. Since so many people are using it, it is very easy to find new people and get to know them, especially since it allows you to connect with people your friends and family are friends with. Continue Reading

woman with tablet communicating and online dating

Online Dating: Texting vs Face to Face Communication?

girls-on-phone-effective-communication-edatingsolutions-comWhy do we communicate? Communication is an extremely important part of everyone’s lives. Whether it is at our jobs or in our personal lives, being able to communicate allows us to do what we need or want to do. Obviously, this applies to forming and maintaining relationships just as much as it does our professional or personal lives. Effective communication has been made easier than ever thanks to the introduction of the internet and cell phones. It is rare to go anywhere and not see somebody talking to or texting someone while they go about their daily activities. As nice as it is to be able to contact any of your friends or family within seconds, it is important that we don’t take for granted having a face to face conversation with the people we care about. Continue Reading


Online Dating Sites: Are You In Too Deep?

woman-online-dating-sites-in-too-deep-edating-solutions-comConsidering a number of people that are now using online dating sites, it is not a surprise that many are getting in too deep with their obsession to find their one and only match online. It is what drives the estimated 2-billion-dollar industry every year. While dating sites are a great tool for meeting potential mates, they are just that; a tool. They are to be used as a means to an end in your search. Unfortunately, most positive tools in life can also be used negatively. Continue Reading


Online Dating: Choosing Wisely

woman-holding-red-green-apple-choose-wisely-edating-solutions-comWhile online dating, it is important to know what you’re looking for in a relationship and dedicate yourself to choosing wisely. It is important to seek your ideal partner. To do this you must conduct your search in a way that you are not wasting time. You should be direct and deliberate with your search criteria. Once you have narrowed down your specific search, what do you do about the people that seem just outside of your search radius? Do you ignore them completely? The problem is that when people have multiple responses in their search pool, they tend to dismiss some very good candidates. Continue Reading