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Dating Later In Life: The Benefits and Disadvantages

It’s never too late to fall in love. As long as you are alive and have feelings, the possibility of falling in love exists. Although the definition of love changes for people as they get older, it ultimately comes down to the desire to be happy and not wanting to spend our waning years alone. Many people once they pass 50 and sometimes even younger, resign themselves to a life of loneliness. They believe that because they have passed their prime years, they should just sit in a rocking chair and let life pass them by. There are others, however, who choose to take their happiness into their own hands and dip their toes back into the dating world. Dating later in life can have many rewards, but rewards do not come without challenges. At any age dating can be difficult, in this post we will look at some benefits and disadvantages of dating later in life.

One of the most obvious benefits of dating later in life is for companionship. Many older daters, if not the majority, have already loved and lost. They are back on the dating market because of death or divorce. They know loss and they know that they feel better when they have someone with whom to share their experiences. No one likes to be alone, but when you are older, the concern is more pressing because you realize that you have a finite amount of time left to be happy.

If you are over 50, there is a good chance that you know what you like and what you want in a partner. One of the advantages that an older dater has over a younger dater, is experience. When I say experience, I don’t just mean experience with dating, I mean experience with people, and with life. An older person has seen more and has a better idea of what it would take for them to be truly happy. An older person also knows if they value companionship over romance and will be more comfortable in admitting that when seeking out a relationship.

I know that you have come across many older people who seem to just speak their minds and you may have wondered what makes a person feel so free with themselves that they can be blunt with everyone. I chalk it up to the realization that we are not going to be around forever and that life is too short to be miserable.

I know this is not true in every case, but generally, older daters tend to be more financially secure than younger daters. This means that if you are older and you are interested in dating, there is a good chance that you could afford to date and if you date someone within your age group, you may not have to worry about supporting them financially. Of course, everyone has preferences and some may choose to date their own age or younger. Either way, financial security plays a role in how comfortable you will be when putting yourself back into the dating game.
Although dating later in life has its benefits, it also has some disadvantages. A person who is dating later in life may find that they have a tough time accepting a new person into their life because they are set in their ways. Anyone who has lived alone for a significant amount of time knows what they need to be comfortable and has set up a pattern in their home for the way they like things to be. When this state of affairs has continued for a long time, it is extremely difficult for that person to adjust to the changes a new partner would no doubt bring to the table. Many times this can ruin a relationship even when the feelings are strong. It will take considerable effort from both parties to avoid throwing in the towel on the relationship.

Older daters may also have a low tolerance for some sacrifices that a younger person may make for love. A good example would be traveling long distances for a date. A younger dater may not mind making a four-hour trip to meet a girlfriend, whereas an older dater would flat out refuse to inconvenience themselves at all. This clearly does not apply to every person over fifty, but older daters tend to have different priorities than younger ones and therefore deal with situations differently.

Another issue that raises its head for older daters is they have to consider the feelings and reactions of adult children when they choose a new partner. For some, it is a smooth transition with openness and acceptance, but for others, they may face considerable opposition from offspring who have a variety of concerns ranging from age differences, loyalty to a parent and money.

How an older dater would successfully deal with these issues would depend on the maturity levels of the offspring involved as well as the reasons for any opposition.

Another disadvantage of dating later in life is health issues. Whether they are your own health issues or those of a potential partner, this issue can be pretty heavy in any relationship. Older daters have to decide how much they are willing to take on and how understanding they can be when it comes to being a caregiver in addition to being a companion. Health issues can quickly drain the energy out of any relationship. Under normal circumstances, it is expected that when spouses get older and they are beset with age-related illnesses, that they would take care of each other. It is something that is generally accepted by society. When someone meets their match at an older age, the level of commitment when dealing with illness may not be there. This is something that should be thought of before deciding to start dating again and it should be addressed early in the relationship so that you can know what is expected of each other.

In the end as an older dater, you must decide what is most important for you. Are you looking for just friendship? Do you seek companionship or are you looking for romance? When you decide what you want, then you must make that known to potential dates so that there will be few surprises later. If you have children who may be impacted by your new relationship, alert them ahead of time as to your plans so they can have time to get used to the idea.

There are many places where older daters can find new relationship interests. One such place is online dating sites. There are many dating sites that cater specifically to people who are dating later in life. Sites such as,, and are just a few of those sites. They each have unique features and offer their members different benefits. Many dating sites for older daters focus on things such as traveling, community programs, and activities. Many of these sites also help members find activities that they like in common.

Older daters and daters, in general, can also find and foster relationships by participating in activities and groups that share their interests. Volunteering your time in places where you would meet like-minded people is also an option. It is important to remember that the rules for dating are the same regardless of age. Everyone has feelings and would like to be treated well. Treat others the way you would like to be treated but be aware that not everyone will be honest with you. So be wise when sharing your information with people you do not know, until you are confident that you know them well enough.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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