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Online Dating: Be More Positive

be positive edatingsolutions.comI have noticed something that most people complaining about online dating have in common. Most of them have a negative attitude about what they are doing and the results that they are getting. If you are dating online, you need to be more positive. While everyone gets discouraged at times, we should try to remember that we get out what we put in when it comes to online dating. It can be difficult to be more positive when we start in a place in our lives where we are alone and searching for a companion.

There are many circumstances that can lead to our being alone at any given time in our lives. Having a negative attitude is one of them. Most of these circumstances are not pleasant. When we are looking for someone to date to make our lives immediately better, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. A good match can take time to find and to work toward a serious commitment can take much longer. It is important to be happy with who you are. This will allow you to exude a more approachable and positive personality. It is also important to accept the flaws that are inherent in dating and in online dating.

Accepting the flaws will allow you to move on from a disappointment much more easily. Possibly the most important part of being more positive is to get yourself in the best possible situation for dating before you begin your search. This means getting information about dating in general, but also gaining knowledge about online dating. Online dating is a bit different than in person dating, in that there is very little to start a relationship on. Therefore, you should learn the best ways to make your mark in the dating world before you start.

It all begins with a positive attitude.

There is a combination of things that must come together to be able to find your match in the datingonline dating be more positive edating world. With so many variables, it is not surprising that it can take an extended time to find someone that is right for us. One thing that can make your search take even longer is your attitude. If you are not happy with yourself, then why would anyone else be happy with you? At some point, you must be willing to see yourself as a person that others are looking for. There is someone for everyone and you must believe it. You should search for your mate with confidence because your mate is searching for you at the same time. It is just a matter of the right circumstances coming together. While you wait for the inevitable, meeting your match, your happiness with yourself will be evident in all of your interactions. Whether online or in person, the people that you meet will notice
your confidence(to read more about confidence why confidence is important click here) and positive attitude, making you more attractive from the start.

Dating can be difficult and draining no matter how you go about it.

There are no promises and very little to console us when things go badly. While we are waiting for good things to come our way, we must learn to accept the negatives that are ever present in dating. I suppose one could say that expecting the worst is a good way to deal with the inevitable disappointments when dating. I would prefer to think of it as accepting things, as imperfect as they are, as a way to get where I want to be. We must wade through the bad, the boring, the lonely, and the hurtful parts of dating to get to the one person that will make it all worth the wait. The person that you dated and were depending on to be caring and committed has proven themselves to be untrustworthy. Okay, that waste of time is done with. Now you can move on with the search for the one that will be good for you. The person that seemed so kind and considerate in your online conversations has just asked you for money or nude pictures. Good, now you know you were looking in the wrong place and can redirect yourself for a better opportunity. Accept that there can be disappointments in any dating situation and you will move on from them in a positive manner instead of being bitter.

If you meet a prospective date in person, there is a subtle exchange of hints as to your interest in each other.

postive thinking edating solutions.comYou have a chance to display your good side and the personality that you want people to see. There are times when you can tell, right away, that they are right or wrong for you. This is not the case in online dating. All that you can do, in any dating situation, is to be positive and hope that you receive the same in return. After all, you are not looking for someone with a negative attitude to be your partner in life so why would others pursue you for your negativity? Online dating can be a very good experience if you go about it in a positive way. If you can teach yourself to be positive about dating, you will enjoy more of the online experience and be disappointed far less often. Even if you have the best and most attractive personality, you must know how to convey it to the people you are seeking online. There are ways, through pictures and writings, to make your personality more obvious even to those that will only see you in a quick glimpse of a profile (to read more about how to write a good online dating profile click here).

A great attitude always stands out in a crowd.

If you think you should be noticed more than you are, try being a little more upbeat about things and you will get more attention.

Most people would not move to a new area without researching it first. You would want to see a home and property before you purchased it. Most people would make sure that they could afford the cost of a new home before they purchased so that they could keep the home indefinitely.
Doing the research on what we want to achieve is a way for us to ensure happiness with our final decisions. If we are thorough about places, property, and financial concerns, why would we be frivolous about moving someone into our lives? In some instances, we are also moving someone into our children’s lives. This means creating a family which is more important than any purchase. Seeking someone for a relationship is a big step, and can be a very positive or very negative impact on our lives and overall well-being. Being more positive is more than simply having a better outlook on life. It is also realizing what is most important to you and giving it the effort that it deserves. For this reason, everyone can benefit from doing their homework on the subject of dating and online dating.

As with most ventures in life, you will be more successful in your search for love if you are more prepared and informed.

You should take the parts of advice, that makes the most sense to you, from all sources available to be more positive edating solutions.comyou. Your friends may have been through some bad dating situations that they could share with you. Your co-workers may have found something that made their dating life much more successful. Keep in mind that people are generally more willing and ready to share negative experiences than positive ones, so do not get discouraged if you appear to hear more negatives than positive. It is just the way people share information. The best way to avoid some of the bad situations and enjoy more success is to get advice from an expert. An expert will take their personal feelings out of their advice and give you information based on what works and what does not in your specific circumstances. With so many variables in everyone’s lives and living situations, there is no way to prescribe one line of dating advice that will work for all. You must be more positive and take the first step in your search for love by seeking advice.

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6 Replies to “Online Dating: Be More Positive”

  1. I agree, Matt ! One of the main reason people out there get caught criticizing on line dating, is that they are negative from the get go about the experience. Instead of looking to meet someone, they tend to wanna meet Miss America or a Multi Millionaire and they won’t settle for anyone less than that. Positive attitude and willingness to say “Hi” to anyone nice enough to acknowledge you, could be your first step to happiness. I find that is a much better way to go through life. I give your post a “Thumbs up”, Matt ! 🙂

    1. Hello. Thanks for commenting.

      Being friendly is always going to make more relationships whether in person or online. There are many people that begin online dating with the thought of finding the person that is perfect in their minds. The fact is that the person that is perfect for us could be very unexpected. Because of this, it is best to be friendly and understanding with people that we encounter on a daily basis. There are people that get attention from others and don’t reply at all. They should understand that they are getting attention from people just like themselves. People that are looking for companionship.

      An important thing to remember is that even though we may not be interested in the person that contacted us, it may be a route to a person that does interest us. For example, a person could approach us to say hello as a way to introduce us to their friend. If we ignore them, we miss the opportunity to meet someone great and also to simply be courteous.

      It is more effective for everyone to try to see online dating as a community rather than shopping for a mate. Most people on dating sites are looking for a relationship. It would help for everyone to be kind and try to help each other. If you are contacted by someone that does not interest you, you could direct them to someone that might have an interest. It’s never out of line to help people and hope that others will return the favor.

      Thanks for your comments and your support. I wish you the best.   

  2. I agree with you regarding being positive to make things happen but more importantly is being honest and not to rush. So many people portray themselves a different person to whom they really are making him or herself stand out however it only takes a few meetups for reality to shine through.

    I met my wife on a dating site about 10 years ago, both of us were stuck in life, genuine yet completely honest with each other and neither of us were in a rush to meet up due to our last failures.

    We chatted on the dating site for about 2 months before our first date, a bit ‘old hat’ I agree yet on our first meeting we felt we had really got to know one another and life blossomed after that, best thing we ever did.

    Have you ever dated through an online website? I found the whole thing a bit surreal initially however this was 10 years ago, things have changed immensely in such a short space of time.

    1. Hello, and thank you for the comments. It sounds like you had the experiences that many people hope to have with online dating. It is difficult for some people to wait a lengthy period of time before meeting someone in person but it relieves much of the awkwardness to do so.
      I met my wife online many years ago as well. We spent many months on skype and on the phone. We now have two children together and things are going well. We have talked to each other about how we met online and how we proceeded when we found each other. We both feel that it went very well because of the extra time we allowed to get to know each other and we would not do it any other way if we had to do it again.
      It’s very nice to hear your success story. I hope people such as yourself will continue to share their stories to help encourage those that are struggling with online dating. The purpose of my site is to encourage others with as much information as possible and then help them on an individual basis when they are ready. Part of the encouragement comes from people like you that let others know that it is possible to succeed with the proper techniques in play. Thanks again for getting involved with your comments. It helps others more than you know.

  3. Good stuff! Some very great info on attitude and self-esteem. I love the idea of building yourself up and being in a good place before you go out searching for a mate.

    Setting yourself up for success is the key. If you can’t make yourself happy, how can you make anyone else happy? Very cool!

    1. Thanks so much for your comments. I have found that people lose self-esteem between the happy events in their lives. It’s natural, to some extent, to blame ourselves when life is not going well. The fact is that happiness is up and down in life. The times between happiness should be used for preparing for the next positive point in life though it is difficult to see that in the moment.
      Most people that are between relationships feel that a new relationship will be the immediate cure for the unhappiness that their feeling. This makes them rush into a new relationship which usually makes things worse. learning to be single is a great way to be prepared for your next partner and also invites others to be attracted to you because of the confidence that you exude.
      When we look for a new relationship, we generally seek someone that seems happy, well adjusted, confident, and single. While it may be difficult to combine these things at a lonely time in our lives, it should be a goal to do so. This helps to attract the relationship that we need rather than a relationship that is available quickly. Thanks again for your comments and I wish you the best of luck and success.

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