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Online Dating: Choosing Wisely

woman-holding-red-green-apple-choose-wisely-edating-solutions-comWhile online dating, it is important to know what you’re looking for in a relationship and dedicate yourself to choosing wisely. It is important to seek your ideal partner. To do this you must conduct your search in a way that you are not wasting time. You should be direct and deliberate with your search criteria. Once you have narrowed down your specific search, what do you do about the people that seem just outside of your search radius? Do you ignore them completely? The problem is that when people have multiple responses in their search pool, they tend to dismiss some very good candidates.

People tend to go directly toward the ones that fit their search description the most accurately.

This, in itself, is not a bad thing to do, however, there is nothing to lose by circling outward to give the “runner-up” people a chance, to a limited extent. There are many reasons that a person should be on the top of your search list and is not. While getting what we want is very important in our search for a mate, we must also understand that what we want could be just out of sight and could be overlooked if we are too dismissive.

right-wrong-direction-choose-wisely-edating-solutions-comA narrow search is key to finding love in an efficient manner. So how narrow is too narrow? The world of online dating has opened the potential for daters to search millions of possible mates instead of just a few in our own area. This means that our search results could number in the thousands if we are willing to expand our search to all areas of the world. In this case, it is possible that the candidates that are just out of a particular search criterion could number in the tens of thousands. That is a lot of room for error and missed opportunities. A narrow search in your hometown will be a vastly different number when compared to a narrow search that is country to country. Like many situations in life, dating to find your perfect match is a numbers game. If searching in your immediate area, you would be more likely to entertain all of the candidates because of the limited number. While searching the vast number of singles in the world you must cut to the chase, at least to some extent, to be effective. Still, you should try to be as thorough as possible within your search parameters so that the good ones are less likely to get away.

If you have all the information that you need to search online for your ideal match then you are in a rare position.

There are some that go through the extra effort to understand the complexities of online dating and they will benefit greatly from the insight. However, you cannot expect everyone to be dedicated to finding love. This creates a problem for those of you that have a good understanding of the process. You have done your part and received the information from an expert in the field of online dating and you have made it much easier for others to find you.

Now you must search for your true match, who could be very new to dating online. Your perfect match could be the one that has a terrible profile picture or no picture at all. The one you’ve been looking for could have an incomplete profile or a profile that could be interpreted in multiple ways. These kinds of mistakes can put someone just outside the circle of people that you are willing to accommodate in your narrow search criteria. This can be true even though they may be exactly what you want in your life, therefore, choosing wisely becomes imperative to success.

 Ideally, everyone online should get some advice before starting their search for love.

A universal understanding of how to present yourself and how to search for others would make woman-with-okay-sign-good-choices-edating-solutions-comdating easier for everyone involved. I do not believe this will ever be the case. In fact, it is more likely for people to try and fail miserably before they seek out any type of advice. I recommend that you give others a chance that might not seem perfect for your search but still meet your initial criteria.

It is an individual’s decision as to how far to look outside of your narrowed down search. There are many variables that could affect your decision. How many search results do you have? How much time are you willing to invest into considering each candidate? Are you willing to entertain someone’s profile even though they have put very little effort into it and have not sought advice before looking for love online? Is it worth your time to ask more questions and ask for a picture when there are so many others that have done their part? Online dating sites provide a valuable service for everyone to better their situation. They are happy to have you on their sites for as long as you are willing to be there. My concern is helping you to find what you’re looking for in a shorter timeframe.  Your part is to choose wisely. To search in a way that fits your finances, your free time, and your emotional patience.

Unfortunately, most of the things that I discuss, regarding online dating, seem to be a hindrance or simply troublesome. The fact is that there are countless ways to make your search for love more difficult. My goal is to relieve some of the hindrances by guiding people around the problems that so many encounters on a daily basis in their online search. And yes, even if you are one of the people that is serious about your search for love and have taken the extra steps like joining a dating advice site, you still must deal with the ones that have not been so serious. There will always be those that think they know enough about dating sites to get the job done. Some think it is all up to chance and if it is meant to happen then it will happen. Some will even count on others being persistent and seek them out even though they have put very little effort into it themselves.

The commitment of others, to the success of online dating, will affect how well your search proceeds.

It will also determine how far you will need to look outside of your specific search criteria to findthumbs-up-thumbs-down-choices-edating-solutions-com your ideal mate. Give people a chance, to the extent that you are comfortable. Know what you want and seek it out. Make decisions based on your situation and hope that others will give you some effort so that choosing wisely is not so much of a game of chance.

Studies have shown that online dating sites do not help you find love. They simply give you the opportunity to find love by giving you access to people who are like-minded. You are the one that will find love for yourself when you are on a dating site. If you’ve been on a dating site for an extended period and have not found love, you need to reevaluate what you are doing and perhaps ask for help. Choosing wisely while online dating refers to choosing your matches wisely and choosing your actions wisely to help you achieve your goals.

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2 Replies to “Online Dating: Choosing Wisely”

  1. Great post. I definitely agree with your point about not dismissing people who don’t match every single one of your desires in a partner. There is never a person who is going to be 100% matched to everything you like, or with everything you want to do in life. Like you said, it’s important to choose carefully, but to not overlook someone who is slightly out of your criteria. You never know who might make you happiest, even if there are a couple things about them that aren’t absolutely perfect to you. What would you consider as something that someone should overlook when they are trying to choose their potential partner?

    1. Hello. What a person should overlook is a very personal decision. It will be different for everyone that is involved in dating. Some are very particular and that is great for them. Others are more willing to give a little in order to have the possibility to gain a lot. I have noticed that when you give someone a chance and things work out for the best, most of the times the things that we had to overlook become adorable rather than annoying. This would not apply to someone that has criminal charges, though some people will overlook that. It could, however, apply to something like a person living a little farther from you than you would like or a person having a different body type than you were originally looking for. The fact is that your chances of finding your partner greatly improve the more you let people have a chance.

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