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Online Dating Sites: Are You In Too Deep?

woman-online-dating-sites-in-too-deep-edating-solutions-comConsidering a number of people that are now using online dating sites, it is not a surprise that many are getting in too deep with their obsession to find their one and only match online. It is what drives the estimated 2-billion-dollar industry every year. While dating sites are a great tool for meeting potential mates, they are just that; a tool. They are to be used as a means to an end in your search. Unfortunately, most positive tools in life can also be used negatively.

Some people are getting attached to the idea of dating sites as a way of life.

Something to look forward to every day. A virtual place to search for friends, communicate, and flirt with new people on an ongoing basis. It is also a format for people to replace other areas of their lives that they feel are lacking. Some will use dating sites to boost their ego or simply to have pen pals for regular chats. While none of these activities are dangerous, they can be a waste of time and money for all involved, especially when someone is involved with multiple sites on a continuing basis.

There are people on these sites that are being used for activities and they don’t know that it’s happening. Also, the people that are using others are spending time and money on an activity that will never be as satisfying as what the dating sites are intended to provide; introductions to others for a lasting relationship. For most people, a fulfilling relationship is the best way to satisfy most of their needs. A good relationship will boost your ego, provide great communication, and frequent flirting can be part of the deal as well. It is best to learn to the signs of being too attached to date sites to be able to focus on your goal of finding love online. So, how does one recognize it when they are getting in too deep with dating sites?

It is exciting to meet new people and start a new relationship. Many people are more interested in the search than in finding something permanent.

In this way they are getting attention, communicating, and flirting regularly without any commitmenthand-in-cuffs-are-you-addicted-to-online-dating-edating-solutions-com or any deep feelings involved to be emotionally damaged. While this may sound ideal to those that are in this frame of mind, it is important to note the downsides to this activity. There is the constant money spent on dating sites that will not get cheaper as the years go on. And then there is the time that could be spent in a much more productive way. There are some that will spend every free minute that they have flirted with people while having no intentions of creating an actual relationship.

While this can be considered acceptable if the other parties involved are aware of the situation, most of the time they are not aware. They are being used for someone’s entertainment instead of using that time to search for love. With the acceptance of online dating growing every year, it is no surprise that people are finding ways to use these sites for reasons that were not intended. Try to stay focused on your original goals that you set when you got involved with dating sites. Don’t let yourself stray from reality in favor of what is easy at the moment. The search for a new relationship is exciting. Instead of constantly searching for a new relationship for this excitement, search instead for one relationship that you can advance to the next exciting level. Challenge yourself to find and keep a lasting partnership fresh and continue moving forward. Look for ways to make your situation better without using others for entertainment only.


laptop-tablet-online-dating-are-you-in-too-deep-edating-solutions-comI have always been an advocate of being confident and learning to be single before searching for someone to share your life. It is the best way to ensure your future mate will be attracted to you. People that are lacking this confidence will sometimes look to strangers on the internet for this kind of ego boost. Typically, this kind of person will look for others online without concern for compatibility. They are looking for attention rather than a connection. They are sometimes willing to hurt the feelings of others or lead them on for an extended time without concern. Somewhere along the line, this kind of person gave up on the idea of someone special giving them what they need in terms of confidence and emotional support. They are willing to waste the time of others if they are getting what they want. Learn to be single [read more about being single] so that what you seek, when you are ready, is what will satisfy you in a complete way without needing validation from multiple acquaintances.

There are many pen-pal relationships formed in online dating.

It can be a great way to help a person to get past the difficult stages in their lives. The problem starts when people search for pen-pals in the guise of seeking love. It is another way to get attention and find virtual friendship without being too committed to someone. Again, if all parties understand that the relationship will go no farther than written communication, no harm is done. There are sites, other than dating sites, that cater to these kinds of needs. Some pen-pal sites introduce people from all over the world so that we can learn about different ways of life. At the same time, we are satisfying our need for friendship. Let’s try to be a little more specific about what we are looking for on a particular site. It is possible to find what we need in many formats; however, it is more effective and considerate to others if we use websites for their intended service.

It is a common complaint that people are not happy with their results while dating online. While there are ways to improve their results, some chose to abandon their original goal to find true love and use date sites to fulfill their needs in different ways. The biggest problem with this approach is that there is no finish line. You will be online for an unlimited length of time because there will be no permanent solution to what is lacking in your life.

People will only flirt for a certain length of time with no progression in a relationship.

Some will temporarily boost your confidence if there is reciprocation. After these temporarylaptop-smartphone-online-dating-addict-edating-solutions-com situations end, you will be back in the search for a person to fulfill your needs. While searching for your ideal mate, it is important, and sometimes difficult, to stay focused on the end line. Be determined to find the one person that will make you feel content in your life. The special someone that sees your needs and reacts to them accordingly so that you don’t need the validation of others.

Surrendering to poor dating site results, and instead focusing on temporary satisfaction from others is letting yourself be stagnant. You will slide into a place where you will be supporting dating sites instead of supporting your chance for a better future. There is no replacement for true love. If you find yourself on dating sites without results, seek help from all sources at your disposal. If you are willing to search for attention, of any kind, rather than searching for your ideal mate, then you may be in too deep. You may need to reassess your needs and revisit your initial feelings when you began your involvement with online dating sites. Make sure you still see dating sites as tools rather than entertainment. Use your dating site tools to reach your goal of never needing a dating site again, and avoid being in too deep.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please be sure to leave any comments or questions in the comment section below. I invite you to join our forums to discuss any of these topics further. While you are here please sign-up for our FREE Ebook- Finding True Love Online: Ditching The Stigma. If you need personal help remember  WE CAN HELP  with your permission.



10 Replies to “Online Dating Sites: Are You In Too Deep?”

  1. I like your article on this, it is true that dating sites are very helpful in helping people find their partners. I know some couples who have been together through online dating and it is great but people often rely on finding someone for their happiness and then it becomes a problem. Dating sites are awesome though!

    1. Josh,
      Thank you for your comment. It seems as though you are familiar with the online dating scene. Have you had any personal success with online dating? I too know many people who have been successfully matched online. In fact, I helped to make some of these matches myself through mentoring. 

      You are right when people rely on finding someone online in order to be happy, it becomes a problem. This means that they aren’t ready to be in a relationship because they are trying to use a relationship to make them happy. Happiness comes from within. Having someone to share your life with improves upon that happiness and completes you. Depending on someone for your happiness is a huge mistake and a tremendous burden on the person who you expect to make you happy. It is a recipe for disaster. Being Single is something people should be able to do, and be content with, before they start dating. If someone isn’t happy while they are single, they may be temporarily happier when they start a relationship, but they will soon realize that the problems that made them unhappy before are still there. Online dating is a great way to find the love of your life, but you need to be ready to date before you do so. 

  2. HI I love this post and you said the right line into deep I think a lot of people don’t get it ,And I am glad that you are trying to tell them that you don’t need to be validated Online dating can be dangerous you have to be careful I have tried it but I don’t prefer to do it .I will stick to old school girl meets boy at the mall lol Great Post!

    1. Thanks for writing Alesia.

      Many of my blogs are about being a happy and confident person before searching for a date. Not only does it make the search easier to tolerate but it also makes a person more attractive while looking for love. For this reason, I warn people about getting in too deep with dating of any kind. Finding someone should not be a full time job. It should be something that you put some effort into so as to get yourself out into the dating world in a safe and effective manor. If a person is spending too much time online trying to be a couple, they are not making the most of the life that they are living at the moment.  If you are doing what you can to find love, then it will happen. So I hope people will have a satisfying single life until they find who they are looking for and then enjoy the surprise and satisfaction of being a couple.

      Thanks again for writing and i wish you the best.     

  3. Wow, I found this approach rather refreshing ! Instead of this being just another dating site, your approach attacks the issue from the “maybe you are trying to hard” side. I am single and have tried finding true love with the help of a site and you are right, it becomes more about Entertainment than the actual search for “the one” ! The individual’s psychology is the key and I am glad to read that you, MBond have taking it upon yourself to help us lonely ones. !

    1. Hi Rico, thanks for the comment.

      I have never been interested in starting a dating site. There are so many out there already. My goal is to help people with the most common complaint that I see from online dating site users. Most complain that dating sites do not work. People must understand that dating sites are simply a place that makes connections possible. They can’t make relationships or know what a person needs in their life. In fact, dating sites make more money if a person stays on their site longer in search of love. That is why they are geared toward entertainment and keeping people hopeful. We must find our way through all of the business practices and focus on what we need as individuals and that is how I want to help people. Thanks again for commenting and best of luck to you.  

  4. I left a comment on your website. Excellent post. It was a very sobering article as too many people still don’t get how dangerous becoming addicted to online dating sites can be. There’s a difference between being hooked on the rush of being in love and being able to actually love.

    1. Hello, and thanks for your comments. 

      It’s something that I noticed a long time ago. People tend to get on a dating site to find love but choose to, instead, accept whoever contacts them. It is a sure way to add complications to your life. They are then in a place where they are stuck in a cycle of breaking up and searching for someone else. Breaking up is draining and searching is difficult so there is nothing to be gained by this activity. Many people feel that love will happen as long as they come in contact with a person that they can tolerate. The fact is that love happens much more often when people know what they are looking for and seek it out. There are so many ways for people to find what they need in life. They just need to get more involved, seek advice, and take the proper steps instead of simply putting themselves out there and hoping for the best. Thanks again for writing and I wish you all the best.   

  5. Many people are addicted to the high of being IN LOVE without really knowing how to love. Like any addict they continually chase the high never quite capturing the rush of the first. And like any addicts they become very destructive as they will do and say anything to get that next fix. To others as they break the hearts of those looking for a real connection and to themselves as they often end up themselves being victimized. Thru sweetheart scams or even human traffickers who often use dating sites as a front. Like any addiction you can lose everything

    1. It is very true. The most important thing that people lose when they cannot be content in love is their ability to feel a real connection to another person. This can doom a person to a series of failed relationships that will take a toll on their personality and only make things worse from there. I don’t want people to feel empty and unable to connect with others. I definitely don’t want people to be used by someone in order to fill their need for a rush. My goal is to help people find a match that will provide happiness for both parties. The best way for me to do that is to make everyone aware of the dangers of these kinds of people so that they can be avoided. Your involvement, having the interest, and commenting can only help others and I thank you for that.

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