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Online Relationship Advice-Be HONEST!

Be Honest!

One of the things that will be brought up in almost every discussion about online relationship advice is “keeping it honest”. It is better to keep information to yourself than to give false information. Very seldom will a potential date continue to pursue someone that has tried to deceive him or her. Nor should they. Most people try to hide what they consider to be their short comings and elaborate on their positive attributes. This would seem like a good way to attract attention, however, if the circumstances turn out as you hope it will, all will be revealed in very short order. Honesty is crucial to starting and maintaining a healthy relationship.

Countless times I have read through dating profiles that screamed “I AM LYING”. When you’ve read through enough profiles and suffered enough disappointments based on false profiles you can spot the lies immediately. People often lie about their age, height, weight, marital status, etc. Many even post a picture of someone other than themselves.  I would never suggest that someone give too much information on a dating profile. I would suggest that the information that you are willing to share with others be accurate. One can always elaborate on their profile information when asked by a potential match after they deem it wise to do so.

One good piece of relationship advice is do not lie at all if you are hoping to start a legitimate relationship.

 There are more people involved with online dating than ever. While this increases the opportunities to find happiness it also increases the likelihood that you will be the target of a variety online dating scams. This falls in the category of using your time wisely and more importantly being safe. The dating world is like many other areas of life where if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Never think you are going to trick someone into falling for you. The one that sees through your deception could be the one that was your match and you’ve missed the opportunity. You should never entertain further contact with someone that you believe to be dishonest. You, in return, should never expect to be successful in your search for a partner if you start with deception. A little ‘white lie’ may be a big lie for some individuals, so do not lie at all if you are hoping to start a legitimate relationship.

It is very natural to highlight your best qualities. Most of us try to do this daily. Even if just to go to the grocery store we will comb our hair a certain way or put on that shirt that seems to fit just right today. It’s good practice. The problem starts when we try to hide too much of our real selves. The real-world dictates that no person is perfect. Our prospective partners are going to see our best and our worst at some point. What we find annoying about ourselves can even be cute or endearing to others. There is no need to highlight our worst qualities, let’s just not pretend that they do not exist. When you find the right person for you, they will be happy for who you are. That means being happy about the things that they were looking for and accepting the things that are just part of who you are.

Most people have had a time in their dating life when they tried to hide a little too much about themselves. It tends to come as a shock to the other party when what they perceive to be a negative attribute reveals itself. This is most likely because we try to see the best in our dates in hopes that there are few and maybe no negatives. Be real for your prospective dates and be realistic in return. It will provide a smoother transition to the next stage in your relationships if there are no negative surprises to deal with.

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4 Replies to “Online Relationship Advice-Be HONEST!”

  1. Hey Matt!

    I actually met my wife a long time ago online in a chat. One of those old chats without colors or emojis… You didn’t know who you were talking to until you finally met them. Lots of liars there… so sad.

    I base my life in honesty, what are we without that? So, I’m with you that it’s very important to be honest, since once they catch you in a lie, man it gets harder to get back there for sure.

    Thanks for the advice! Spot on!

    1. Hello, and thanks for writing.

      It’s nice to hear a success story. I’m glad you were able to sort through the lies and scams and find a match. So many times people give up and miss out on what could be a great thing. Many people think it’s different to date online than it is in person but there are liars and scammers in person as well. We just need to be sure of what we are looking for and be persistent. Imagine how much easier it would be if there were more honest people in the world.

      I’m curious, how long did you have to search online before finding your wife? Also, how long ago did you first meet your wife.

      Again, thanks for your comments and best wishes to you. 

  2. This is very sound advice, there are definitely plenty of liars out there. One thing I’ve noticed coming up is dating scams. People will post a fake picture contact the guy first offer their email and slowly but surely pretend to love the guy.

    I caught three of these scammers in my own experience. I never gave them money or believed it when they asked me to send them a moneygram with a check they would be asking me to cash once I got it in the mail.

    However there are also other forms of dishonesty like people who say I’m this that and the other thing. I do have one question which came up how do we be honest about our past if we had one but we’ve healed from it? Say we were an addict or so forth?

    1. Thank you for your comment. I have also encountered several dating scams. You are correct. One of the major red flags in online dating scams is the speed in which a match falls in love with you. Every dating scam seems to have that component. By nature, people tend to accentuate the positive things about themselves and omit or hide the negatives. The anonymity of the internet is conducive to that behavior i.e. its unavoidable.

      Everyone has baggage, albeit different baggage. I would not lead with my baggage, however, if I found someone who piqued my interest I would disclose my past struggles at the earliest opportunity as well as my recovery. This would let them know that you are no longer involved with the source of the struggle.

      At some point, usually early on, the topic of life problems will arise. Use this time to disclose your past shortcomings. Be sure to explain the positives that have come from overcoming your struggles and what you have learned from the experience. If your potential partner accepts your explanation, this may prompt him or her to share some of their negative past experiences.

      How long have you been online dating? How successful have you been with online dating?

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