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How Successful Is Online Dating? Can it be measured?


I have searched for the statistics of online dating success at great length. The results are almost as varied as the number of sites that report them. As with most studies, the results are skewed and the numbers are misdirected for the purpose of supporting the agenda of the reporting party. Instead, I would look at individual success as a sign that online dating is successful. In the end, dating success is based on individuals being the correct fit for each other, so why would we look at it as a group study? The success of online dating is not a cut and dry result. There are varying degrees of success and many varied opinions as to what constitutes success. There are some that only see success in online dating when the result is marriage. Others see dating as a way to spend their time with others with no strings attached. Still, others would see online dating as a way to continue their search for love while finding friends or pen pals along the way. With all the ways to consider online dating a success, how can we have hard numbers to show the positive effects of our online search? Continue Reading