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What is a Good Person?- Looking for A Good Woman

Part II

young-woman-edating-solutions-com As explained in part one of this blog, the term “good” is a very subjective one. All of us, in the dating world, will have our opinions on what we think is a good woman. Many people are asking advice, on numerous forums, as to where they can find a good woman. In this part of “What is a Good Person” I will attempt to highlight the aspects of a bad woman as well as highlighting the good. Because this is such a vague subject, the sentiments written in this blog will not be agreeable to everyone. Nor should it be. It is the difference in people and their opinions that make dating as exciting and adventurous as it is. There is a match for every person that will search for it. Therefore, what seems good or bad to some will be ideal for others and I respect that.

Looking for a good woman is a very common forum subject. In most cases, it implies that the person has searched the areas that they think a good woman is available and they have had no success. But are they searching in the places that are best for what they truly want in a woman. Also, does their lifestyle support the kind of woman that they want if they found the perfect one. There can’t be a “good” woman without having the bad. There are what is commonly thought of as bad women. By this, I’m speaking of people such as cheaters, abusive mothers, drug addicts, etc. There are also women that some will consider bad but others would consider ideal for them. This would include smokers, drinkers, gamblers, etc. Most people looking for a date would not consider a woman in the pornography industry to be a desirable option for a relationship, however, there are many porn actresses that report being happily married. There is someone for everyone. A person must be honest with themselves about what they are willing to accept into their lives with no regrets in the future. This means that if a non-smoker is looking for a date, they need to know for sure if they are willing to live with a someone that smokes without changing their mind about it later. Know what you want in a date and save yourself the heartache later.

It seems that people everywhere are of the impression that a good woman is difficult to find. This is woman-with-dog-edating-solutions-comsimply not true. To some, a woman that wants to put most of her time into a career is the ideal partner. To others, it would be a deal breaker because they are interested in more quality time or being more family oriented. People can find, what they consider, a good woman in a bar if they frequent bars regularly themselves. If we speak in terms of a woman having good morals then it is just as subjective as any other opinion. It is not our place to judge others for what they are looking for in a mate, just to support them in their struggles and be happy for them when they find success.

I would like everyone to respect my opinions of what constitutes a good woman. I would also invite anyone that has a differing opinion to voice it with their own comments so that we can all learn from each other. In my opinion, a good woman is one that I am sure to be interested in decades from now. She is a woman that will voice her opinion and argue at times while still respecting my point of view. This is a person that will give me support in any situation because she knows I would do the same. I found such a woman online by searching in a specific way. Like most people, I searched aimlessly for years until I figured it out. I realized what I was looking for and how to search for it. After that, success came very quickly. I made myself attractive to the kind of woman that I desired. I also looked for the signs of what I thought of as a good woman while I was searching. There are many ways to do this and it varies with every situation but it is possible. Many people struggle with how to find a good woman in person and especially with online dating. I would like to help them with their search. It is, after all, what we do.

how-to-find-a-good-woman-edating-solutions-comThe bottom line is that there are good women out there and “good” would vary from person to person.How to find a good woman would depend on your definition of a good woman and your willingness to  earnestly seek exactly what and who you are looking for. The right woman for me may not be the right woman for you and so she may not be considered a good woman to date. Some men include their preference of a slim woman in their definition of a “good woman” whereas, there are men who do not consider a woman’s size as a deal breaker. Ultimately you must decide what is your “good woman” and be honest about it. You do not have to be concerned about the opinions others share about your choice of mate because it is what suits your long-term plan best. It is important to remember that you will not find someone who agrees with everything you do, or say, or like. After all, you are unique, which means there is no one else like you. All that means is that you must be realistic when seeking your life partner. You may not find your clone, but you will find someone who complements you very well.

What is your opinion on who is a good person and a good person to date? Is your definition limited to the person’s character or does it also include their appearance? I am curious to know what the consensus is on this topic. Stay tuned for part III “How to find a good man?”

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4 Replies to “What is a Good Person?- Looking for A Good Woman”

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head here – the answer to what is a good woman is going to be different for every guy. Some guys want more family-oriented women, some want women who focus on education and career. So, there is no single objective “good woman” – I mean, I guess women who are sociopaths are probably always going to be “bad women”…anyway, good topic!

    1. Hi Penelope, thank you for the comment. A good person is definitely subjective as you said, and thanks to online dating, it’s a lot easier for people to find and get to know people. As long as people are honest in their profiles, and in person for that matter, it will be much easier for everyone involved to find out who is their ideal “good person”, and meet them. I’m glad you enjoyed the article, feel free to check out my other posts as well. 

  2. There’s a universal truth with how you wrote about the theoretical “good woman” people search for online. Your right about the “good women” coming in all shapes and sizes it’s true. My good women is amazing and I would never trade her for the world. The unique feeling thats created when you meet the “one” is something thats hard to describe but I feel like your writing does the job well!

    1. Hello Akeem.

      I’m sure some of the people that read my blogs expect me to give a definite answer to questions like “what is a good woman?”. The fact is that the answer is different for every person. For example, there are people that are willing to overlook more negative things about a person than others would. Those people will find more good people for themselves. I agree with you completely about keeping a good woman when one is found. The longer a relationship goes on, the more negative things arise about a person, however, if the qualities that made them a good person to begin with are still present then we should realize how fortunate we are to have them. I wish much happiness to you and your relationship.

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