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What is a Good Person?

Part #1

What is a ‘good person’? Eventually, the question comes up in any dating scene, relationship site,happy-people-edatingsolutions-com and in any genre. Where do I find a good person to date? Well, that leads me into a discussion that will take more than one blog to fully explore. The question implies that there are certain places that “good” people hang out. That there is a magical place where bad people cannot enter and we can choose from the good ones that are in abundance. What is a good person? This seems like such a vague question that I’m not sure anyone can give a real answer with any certainty. Some people ask this question in search of anyone that is better than the relationships of their past. Others ask because they have an idea of a what a good person is in their head, and expect everyone else to have the same definition of a good person. I would prefer all my blogs to be a discussion rather than just a writing, however, this topic is based on everyone’s interpretation of a “good” person. In this case, I would appreciate the participation of anyone that is looking for good people to date. I welcome the insight of anyone that has solved any of the questions that this topic brings to attention.

What is a good person? Is it someone that has a stable life and income? Perhaps it is someone that is religious or volunteers at their local hospital or library. Some believe a good person is someone that will only be intimate after marriage. These notions may seem old-fashioned to many people but it is the individual that decides what is good for them. There are endless ways to think of a person as a good one. For example, some would believe that anyone that is not abusive, physically or emotionally, is a very good person. Others would consider the people that make the most money the best match for them. Conversely, there are many that are looking for someone that is family oriented. One that is content with whatever they have as long as they are with the ones that they care about.

handsome-man-edating-solutions-comTo understand how people can decide what is a good person, we must dig very deeply into their lives. Most likely, at this point in our lives, we have had encounters with people and situations that we would rather avoid in the future. In this case, our past can shape our future in a positive way. We can learn from our mishaps in the past and seek a better future. To do this we need to know our own definition of a “good” person. We need to be honest with ourselves and make decisions based on how people are in real life. You will find bad people in all areas of society. There is no place that is immune to what we would consider bad traits. There is no profession or group of people that have a perfect track record when it comes to morals or even basic human compassion. To make it even more difficult to pinpoint the “good” people, there are varying opinions to account for.

The real challenge for this topic is to learn each individual’s habits, lifestyles, personal choices, previous history with others, etc. Only after we obtain as much information as possible about someone can we be able to entertain the question at all. At most, we can direct others toward people that seem less harmful. That is not a great help when people are looking for what is good and we can only guide them in the direction of what seems least terrible. The definitions of good and bad, in terms of people to date, are as varied as people themselves. At the same time, we are looking for a good person to date, we must also decide what our limit is as to what we are willing to compromise on in the relationship. There is never going to be a perfect “good” person. Eventually, in every relationship, we will find something that we do not consider good. Then, we will make the choice. Is this person good enough to compensate for the bad?

So, on it goes. The definition of good is as limitless as people’s experiences, tolerance, and even young-woman-edating-solutions-comtheir moods. And then there is what we can call good enough; when we are happy enough with a person’s good side that we can overlook the bad. As I stated, this will be a multiple part blog. There is more to discuss on this subject and it is a very popular question to be answered. Please leave your thoughts or opinions on this subject. I know everyone has personal thoughts on this matter and they should all be heard. Voicing what you have learned in your life and how you feel about what is good enough in people can help others in their search for a good person to date.

What is your opinion on who is a good person and a good person to date? Is your definition limited to the person’s character or does it also include their appearance? I am curious to know what the consensus is on this topic. Stay tuned for part II “How to find a good woman?” and part III “How to find a good man.”

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